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jenny ♥ twenty seven ♥ resilient ♥ fighter ♥ brave ♥ virgo to the core ♥ natural redhead ♥ sky blue eyes ♥ has a hero named mariah carey ♥ idolizes christina aguilera ♥ lives kelly clarkson's music ♥ loves sports ♥ thinks friends is the best show ever made ♥ reads cosmo cover to cover ♥ finds inspiration and strength in music ♥ loves the ocean ♥ wants to swim with dolphins ♥ believes that everything happens for a reason ♥ dreams of living someplace beautiful and finding inner peace ♥ holds tightly to faith ♥ forgives but never forgets ♥ never trusts completely ♥ laughs more than she cries ♥ thinks butterflies are beautiful ♥ wants to touch a cloud ♥ loves matt damon movies ♥ has four tattoos and wants more ♥ can't live without her blackberry, lip gloss and smartwater ♥ hearts flip flops, sunny days and my december ♥ wants a puggle ♥ has a weakness for boys who can sing and football players ♥ believes in love like in the notebook ♥ follows her own star and changes for no one ♥ starting over in a brand new place ♥